2018 and Beyond: from LGBT Protections to Constitutionality of Google Translate

Presenter: Bruce Adelson, Esq.

Presenter: Bruce Adelson, Esq.

Bruce is the CEO of Federal Compliance Consulting LLC and is nationally recognized for his compliance expertise concerning federal laws. He is a former U.S. Department of Justice Senior Attorney. During his Justice career, he had national enforcement and policy responsibility.

2018 has been an eventful year, with many important legal and liability developments. In this webinar, we will highlight news from the courts, government agencies, and federal regulators. The webinar will include: Website Accessibility, Status of Federal LGBT Protections, Immigration, The Law of VRI Court Actions, All Things Americans with Disabilities Act, Constitutionality of Google Translate, and more.

CEUs: 1 RID CEU, 1 CCHI instructional hour. Court interpreting CEUs in Colorado, Maryland, and Wisconsin. LEO is also an approved court interpreting training provider in Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Cost: $45.*

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