Interpreter Self-Assessment of Skills

Presenter: Eliana Lobo

Presenter: Eliana Lobo

Eliana Lobo has over 20 years of experience, supervising teams of legal translators and medical interpreters, and overseeing the quality of language access services. She is a nationally certified medical interpreter through CCHI.

This workshop by Eliana Lobo is for both novice and experienced interpreters to learn how to self-assess their own skills, and how to design skills and drills practice to improve weak areas. 

Tips and techniques for improved performance on the job and self-assessment will be offered. The opportunity to practice specific skill-building exercises will be made available to the attendees in the form of a group exercise. Links to additional practice drills and skill building videos are also provided.

Suggestions for how to utilize these resources and measure and assess one’s progress will be shared along with a worksheet to print out and use to track progress and skills improvement over time.

This webinar is CCHI-approved for 1 CE hour.*

Feedback from participants

"The webinar was truly the most informative one I have seen. Please congratulate Ms. Lobo for an excellent presentation which I'm sure will keep me busy for the foreseeable future!"
Julia Sachs

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