LEO's 4th Conference Feedback

LEO’s highly anticipated 4th International Conference was held on December 2-3, 2021. With hundreds of attendees despite the busy month of December, the conference was again a big success, offering interpreters convenient end-of-year CEUs. 

Featuring Visibility of a Professional Linguist as its main theme, the conference shared a wealth of knowledge from best business practices to expanding one’s career into the field of Transcreation and MPTE.   

Thank you to our great sponsors, presenters, and attendees! We look forward to seeing you all in June at LEO’s 5th International Conference. 

We greatly appreciate your kind feedback. See some of it below. 

This is one of my favorites conferences, the variety of the topics presented and the quality of each presenter is outstanding. 

Lourdes Cerna

This is a very informative event for both interpreters and language service administrators. It was thought-provoking and well organized around current issues, challenges, and technological advancements. 

Nouria Belmouloud

This was an outstanding opportunity for knowledge, networking and advancing our profession’s visibility. Thank you for coordinating!

Anylu Nerio

Thank you for putting great content.  It helps us be united and have a voice.

Hilda Sanchez-Herrera

Very glad I attended, first time was great, this time was beyond great. It really encouraged me to get recertified.

Maria Sanchez

Attending LEO’s 4th Conference was encouraging, uplifting and sparked a new joy for me in the field of interpretation and translation. Thank you for hosting yet again another great conference! See you next time!

Jessica Diaz

Personally, I really enjoyed the subject of Olympics in this conference. Laura not only shared her experience in interpreting for Olympics Games, she also described the protocols, strategies, interpreting from different locations, and what happened in Tokyo during the COVID. Interesting to me.

Judy Huang

Each participant showed a great knowledge and contributed empowerment by acknowledging our profession. Thank you, LEO, for all the work you did putting this conference together.


Maria Shelledy

I appreciate all sessions and all instructors. Topics were VERY important and i am pleased that i attended all the sessions. 


Suzanne Hilal

Congratulations on a work well done.  Not an easy endeavor at all, for those who know what it takes to bring an event like this, keeping the audience in mind to offer interesting topics and great ideas and tips to add to our toolbox. 


Xiomara Armas

There was not a single thing that was not useful or appealing. I enjoyed it a lot. Keep up the good work. Very well timed and organized.


Ana Arriaga-Chio

It’s very nice to be able to hear from language professionals in many different fields. Interpreters are often isolated within their job and don’t have many opportunities to discuss with others. It was a great conference. Thank you so much.


Etsuko Abe

I enjoyed the presentation about the Olympics, not necessarily because I would ever aspire to do it but because it was entertaining and informative. It showcased how our skill can be utilized around the globe. 

Thanks so much for providing a great conference via Zoom.


Maria Cox

Great conference!  It was informative, funny at times and educational.  Look forward to future conferences!!!


Maria Magana

Thank you for this conference and for all you do to advance the profession. Your panelists all know our profession better than anyone and I appreciate their passion and their wealth of knowledge.


Claudia Romero-Montenegro

I never participated in such [conferences]  before. Overall, it was great event, participants were very knowledgeable and professional. I have received extremely valuable and interesting info.


Inna Shargorodsky

Thank you for an excellent conference. I was very impressed with the high quality of the presentations and presenters. I also appreciated how well the moderators kept everything on schedule and moving. Great job.


Donna Cicalese

I really miss in-person conferences, but LEO does virtual conferences right! Thank you for doing such a great job organizing this and for having wonderful presenters.


Jessica Hernández

Is my first time doing LEO’s international conference and I Love it! I learned a lot and was glad to see so many talented and knowledge people explaining in detail every session. I am proud to be a medical interpreter.


Milagritos Guzman

I am very pleased with the entire content discussed in the conference. It updated me on all the present challenges as Medical Interpreter.  I will definitely participate in future conferences.  Great work!


Hilda Villagran

I found the conference very motivating. Many of us freelancers work solo and rarely encounter colleagues in the field. It is encouraging to know there are many out there pushing to have our work recognized and are pushing forward to advance our training.


Faviola Veloz

Once again, LEO’s Conference was for me a great learning opportunity, with excellent presenters/panelists. The presentation material was very current, insightful, and relevant to the profession.


Roxana Del Barco

I am completely satisfied with the different themes of the LEO conference. I am beyond pleased with all the information I learned. Thank you. I will definitely recommend it to my peers.


Rita Diaz

Presenters were very knowledgeable and passionate about their subject. I learned a lot about interpreting in the medical field but would like to see more practical application. Perhaps role play to emphasize points. Great line-up!


Nellie Chavez

I am glad that we receive the link to watch the conferences again and at our leisure. I like to re-watch the seminars as many times as I need to fully comprehend the topics. Thank you very much.


Lucy Pasternak

This was my second LEO conference, after my attendance to the June conference I did not hesitate and immediately enrolled to this conference upon receiving the announcement.  The presentations, the presenters, the format and the price are all fantastic for me.  Thanks, LEO, for offering this valuable opportunity!


Susana Valdovinos

Thank you for all the insight information, very helpful. Please continue to help us gain more confidence and be noticed. We need to speak for those who cannot and break biases.


Juliana Usuga

One of the most fascinating sessions was Laura Burian’s “Interpreting for the Olympics.” I was riveted! I particularly loved hearing about her year of preparation and study and seeing the pictures of the booths.

In all, LEO has come through again with an incredible conference packed with value for linguists of all stripes.  As long as you continue to put on these conferences, I will be there!


Aaron Christensen

I absolutely loved this conference and look forward to the next one. All the presenters were excellent and had useful and specific examples of real-life mishaps in order for us to avoid similar mistakes in our own careers with the use of proper tools, resources, information and organizational practices. This job can feel somewhat lonely, and I struggle with the notion that “I don’t know what i don’t know”. So, this was satisfying and well worth the investment for the legal information alone.


Carla Houston

This conference reiterated the importance of being professional knowing our responsibilities, knowing the law in order to be able to articulate the importance of having a professional interpreter at all times and as a result be visible! 


Janet Delgado

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