Call for proposals for LEO's 7th International Virtual Conference. LEO7 will be hosted on June 23-24. You can submit your proposal by visiting our homepage.

LEO's 5th Conference Feedback

“Call for proposals for LEO’s 7th International Virtual Conference. LEO7 will be hosted on June 23-24, 2023. You can submit your proposal by visiting our homepage”

On June 23-24, Linguist Education Online (LEO) hosted its 5th biannual International Virtual Conference, bringing together experts from across the language industry for over 10 hours of passionate and profound discussions. The conference combined expert presentations and panel discussions on subjects ranging from networking to advocacy. Among the attendees were interpreters, translators, court and hospital administrators, language company executives, project managers, legal experts and language advocates. The conference focused on structured discussion around how we, as language professionals, can be more united and supportive of one another on a personal and professional level.

Over 20 world-class speakers and presenters have all contributed to the success of this 5th installment of one of the most diverse, inclusive, and affordable conferences among high caliber virtual events. 

Thank you to our great sponsors, presenters, and attendees! We look forward to seeing you all in December at LEO’s 6th International Conference. 

We greatly appreciate your kind feedback. See some of it below. 

It was a wonderful virtual conference! I attended 4 of the 5 LEO conferences and learned a wealth of knowledge every time! I especially enjoyed the presentations on advocacy, hearing about the experiences of interpreting during the times of war and how the interpreters coped, the legal panel and their insights about equality and language access, self-evaluation, and language access programs. Thank you for putting together, yet again, an excellent conference!

Lily Cheung

I found this conference to be very enlightening. I truly believe that “united we grow” and I am looking forward to getting more involved in this fascinating industry to help raise the bar in our profession. I have been a medical interpreter for the past 12 years and recently was promoted to Manager of the Linguistics and Cultural Services Department at my organization. I have tons to learn, and I am looking forward to attending the next LEO conference in December.

Veronica Ferreira

I especially enjoyed the presentation on self-evaluation. Ms. Meder was an excellent presenter, and her material was very well laid out. The other really valuable presentation for me was Ms. Schutzman’s. I’ve been so curious about CCHI’s ETOE proposal, and she did a great job explaining the theory and the steps involved.

Diane Grosklaus Whitty

I really enjoyed the conference.  I am not sure if this was intentional, but advocacy was a big theme, and I am leaving the conference inspired to apply some of the suggestions and advocate for improvements in language access and our profession.

Gabriela Siebach

I loved the conference, and I cannot wait for the next one.

Liliana Vesga

I am so fortunate to be part of something like this, amazing professionals in the language field that gave me so much hope, and I look forward to growing not only as a professional but as a human being. Thank you.

Laura Elisa Robles

Thank you for this excellent program! I deeply enjoyed getting to hear from these experts, and while I loved and miss going to conferences in person, these LEO conferences have kept me going, inspired, and encouraged.

Katherine Dzubinski

The LEO virtual conferences have been the most welcome channel of access to the community of interpreters because they are virtual, they are timely and discuss topics of great importance to the profession, and because they offer a community voice to the individual freelance interpreters like me.  Thank you!

Susana Valdovinos

Extremely pleased with the conference and truly knowledgeable presenters who are not just professionals but also individuals that care about our industry and are advocating for it. Very impressed with Kateryna`s first-hand story on war time interpretation. Overall, every presenter had something insightful, new and contributed greatly to making the conference a great source of information and education. What a great experience for interpreters as a community. Kudos to LEO!!

Volha Dubeshka

I continue to be impressed by the quality of the presentations and the affordability of the LEO conferences. Thank you for doing such a great job.

Donna Cicalese

This was my first LEO conference, and I was very impressed. It was very informative with wonderful panelists and very well-organized. I will be looking forward to the next conference!


An amazing conference from LEO, incredibly informative and instructional, looking forward to the next one.

Karla Montero

I really enjoyed LEO’s 5 conference. Extraordinary presenters. Please keep me informed on future events. I learned one of the most valuable tools to improve myself: Communicative autonomy.

Maria Shelledy

This was a great conference.  I appreciate the quality and scope of the topics and the experience the presenters brought to the table. Thank you for making it happen.

Heidi Hobson

Great line-up. Absolutely loved the live captions.

Junqiao Chen

I am thrilled to have attended and not missed this 5th International conference. Thank you, LEO, and to all the sponsors and presenters for this conference. For me, it’s more than just a comprehensive linguistic education. Informative, supportive, productive, inspiring, compassionate, relevant, professional, ethical, legal, and advocating. I had never been a professional interpreter as grateful and proud as I am now after my attendance at this conference. Let’s Go, Lingo!

Glen Lubao

The conference was wonderful! The only thing I would suggest is that we have more than 500 characters to type out on this survey. I had made some long summaries of each presentation and was only able to type out of a few sentences. Thank you 🙂

Esperanza de Leon Johnston

The conference generated insightful knowledge that continues to expand my skills and my professional qualifications. I really enjoyed it. The panelists are especially highly well-versed. Really informative and very engaging.

Fatima Correia

This was my very first conference and I absolutely loved it! Looking forward to the next one in December!

Heather Ridgeway

I liked the last session “Creating and Supporting the Need for a Language Access Program in Various Organizations” because of the presenter, Jorge Mejia.  He was very easy to understand and has so much passion for what he does.

Maki Murakoshi

I found the conference very motivating. Many of us freelancers work solo and rarely encounter colleagues in the field. It is encouraging to know there are many out there pushing to have our work recognized and are pushing forward to advance our training.


Faviola Veloz

Once again, LEO’s Conference was for me a great learning opportunity, with excellent presenters/panelists. The presentation material was very current, insightful, and relevant to the profession.


Roxana Del Barco

This is my first virtual conference, and I learned a lot. I’m very impressed with all the panelists and presenters, and the very important information they presented. Thank you all so much!

Huangyih Liao

The sessions were informative, concise, and accurately addressed their stated goals. I appreciated the initial polls to gauge information from the audience and the glitch-free flow of the two days. The conference was well-moderated and respectful of time. I completed most of this via the link afterward but still felt as though I was involved, and I learned a great deal.

Mary Viveros

I appreciated the variety of topics and the great insights from each of the presenters. The fact that you include so many topics keeps the sessions moving well. The variety also brings us to think about areas we might not otherwise think about for our own growth. My suggestion is just to keep creating a wide variety of topics in future events.

Mark Hedinger

This conference has enlightened me on the continuing progress the COVID has impacted and put an emphasis on creating Language Access Programs, making our career more visible, and re-framing our language to make more of an impact. The ME, WE poem was a great analogy in that we are United. LEO did an excellent job creating a theme and having a variety of speakers on various topics around one vision. I would suggest a few more breaks and possibly longer, over 2 days.


I don’t always feel like all the sessions apply to me, but the information is always interesting and enjoyable.

Quang Tong

LEO spent lot of effort gathering all the professionals for the conference. It is wonderful to engage with so many people whose goal and profession are same as mine. In general, the conference is great. It provides different angles regarding this industry.

Wanying Xu

LEO 5th was my first experience with linguistic education online. It was perfect. There is so much I learned. I really like the way everything was presented; everyone was happy, smiling, willing to share what they know. I was amazed. Thank you to everyone the organized this online event and thank you to all the participants, they did fantastic.

Blanca Pacheco Villalba

I appreciate the opportunity to attend; the format was easy to follow, I look forward to the winter conference.

Lourdes Cerna

The mixture of presenters and topics kept things lively and relevant!

Tammy Hansen Snell


Such great panels. I have learned a lot. It helped me to make my decision to stick with what I am currently doing.

Nannan Du

Thank you for the very informative and modern-style conference!

Suzanne Hilal


All panelists and presenters were knowledgeable and professional. The presentations’ subjects were informative, and the length of each presentation was just right. Thus, I’d love to attend your next conference.

Sylvia Sham

This was my 1st LEO conference… it was fantastic… top level panelists! Lord willing, I’ll be back in December for the next one.

Patricia Rozzo-Leadley


I recently became a Certified Healthcare Interpreter with CCHI, therefore this was the 1st CEU event I’ve attended, and I found it to be very educational, friendly, and very professional. I am very grateful to have been able to learn different aspects and important information related to my profession from all the panelists. I gained a lot of pertinent information and learned from the participants’ comments. I was very pleased and am very grateful!! Thank YOU!!

Laura Luisa Rodriguez

Overall, a very dynamic and thought-provoking conference. Thank you.

Alma Kuhlemann


Covered variety of topics, including LLC, marketing, invoices. Well done.

Simon Koko

I think that this was a really beneficial conference. It helped me realize how important and challenging my profession is. I have been an interpreter for 20 years and it is something that I was looking forward to since I was a 7-year-old. Please keep providing these types of events. Looking forward to many more of them.

Vladimir Smolyanskiy


The variety of panels and individual presentations was a hit. I enjoyed each and every session. Thank you for your dedication in providing excellent content and lively presenters.

Patricia Nunez

This was my first LEO conference. The variety of expertise and experience of the panelists was fantastic, I learned so much about not only my own field, but about other fields within the domain of language access. It was encouraging to see so many people committed to growing these professions together.

Patricia Farrell


It was a diverse and interesting conference. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I like the fact that the feedback was only up to 500 characters, otherwise I could go on an on, LOL. Until next time (December maybe?) Thank you.

Maria Sonia Zukoski

I am really glad that I attended! It helped me to understand and to get to know my profession on so many different levels, that we are a community that has a lot of work to do for the future of our profession and business. Thank you so very much.

Roberto Estrada Castro


Thank you, LEO, for wonderful conference with a wealth of knowledge and tools to use as we continue to move into this new layer of interpreting. Panelists were knowledgeable and some “celebrities” within our profession. Thank you for topics covered.

Bertha Cordero

It was my first time attending this conference and I loved it. The caliber of all the presenters was first class. Having subject matter experts elevates our profession too. I feel empowered to advocate and defend my profession even more. Thanks for making it happen.

Linda Zamora


The conference was wonderful, and I am very grateful to LEO for bringing these topics to the forefront. For reminding us of our roles as advocates for the profession and for the LEPs we work with. It motivates me to continue, but it made me anxious. There is still so much work that needs to be done. From an educator standpoint, I know I can work with my students and apply some of the above, but there is still so much institutionalized discrimination that we need to fight against.

Gigi Sefchick

This conference is second one for me and my experience in interpreting service is short. I like everything what you are doing and greatly appreciate opportunity to participate in such an interesting event. Very creative participants, interesting topics, and discussion.

Thank you very much for such an opportunity.

Inna Shargorodsky


Thank you for providing such a great variety of knowledgeable presenters. The length of the conference was perfect and I enjoyed the virtual medium. (I think it is always better in person, but the conference was very well done) An additional benefit from a virtual conference is, while you can reach out to more presenters, you were able to keep the cost down.

Isabelle Ryan

Thank you so much for the great conference and great content. This is my first LEO conference but won’t be my last for sure.

Ruba Khairi

I thank you for the variety of topics you presented; the legal advocacy discussions were very encouraging to seek conversations where decisions about language access are taking place, and to take courage and participate in the efforts to be more visible.

Ismelda Reyes de Diaz

I found all of the sessions very interesting and there was a lot of practical information. It was good to be among colleagues in this sometimes lonely profession.

Maria Gisela Pacho

Thank you for putting together such an impressive group of panelists and giving interpreters the opportunity to hear from them on such a wide range of topics.  I learned a lot, felt motivated, and also gained perspective on areas of the field that I did not know much about.  Thank you.

Cecilia Murach

I really enjoyed all sessions and learned a lot in the process. I appreciate you creating a space where all these presenters can impart their wisdom onto us. Thank you.

Alysha Gagne

Thank you for putting this conference together, finding the speakers and exposing us to meaningful, relevant, and useful information.

Milly Liles

The conference was great, learned something from every awesome presenter.  Thank you!

Maribel Jimenez

Although lengthy (advantageous for obtaining CEUs), this conference was very informative and was the motivation I needed. This conference challenged me in the area I am least confident in which is advocacy for the profession and taking more initiative when promoting the profession. Danielle Meder was fantastic!!!

Joanna Smith

I truly enjoyed each and every single one of the panelists. I certainly learned a lot from my fellow attendees.

Rosa Gamez

It was a very, very informative conference! I really enjoyed the talk Mr. Bruce provided. All the presenters were fenomenal! I’m very pleased with all the information shared.

Dary Osorio

There were so many wonderful up-to-date presentations that keep the profession fresh and progressive.

Valerie Huffman

Excellent presenters and topics, great job dealing with the few minor technical issues. Accessing the recording and completing the evaluation was an easy, user-friendly process.

Cara Martinez

I am beyond pleased with attending LEO conferences. This is the second one for me and the information learned is so valuable. I am grateful to be able to participate and learn updated information in the Interpreting industry. Thank you!

Rita Diaz

I truly enjoyed the virtual conference. More time for Carla and Bruce. They are a wealth of knowledge.  Everything was well-organized.

Elisabeth Perez

I loved all the sessions, I found all of them very interesting, insightful, and inspiring on how to become a better interpreter in the profession and for the community. This was my first time attending a LEO International Virtual Conference and certainly it won’t be the last!!! Looking forward to seeing you next time. Thank you.

María Montes

Thank you so much for bringing us all together again to gain knowledge from each other and especially from our panelists.

Melinda Vue

The presentations on Friday were by far my favorite. The information/data, experiences of the presenters and the stories did make the conference memorable for me. 

Gilberto Sanchez

This conference was absolutely phenomenal. Every presentation was very interesting and talked about relevant issues in our industry. It is such a pleasure to hear from such experienced and intelligent people.

Valerie Velez Toro

I really enjoyed this conference, new topics, and really well organized! Will definitely attend another one.

Maria Budge

I enjoyed this; you guys did a good job organizing. The facilitators did well to keep people on time.

Nicholas Norton


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