The Interpreter’s Elusive Quest to Maintain Register

Presenter: Natalya Mytareva, M.A., CoreCHI™

Presenter: Natalya Mytareva, M.A., CoreCHI™

Natalya is the Managing Director of the Certification Commission of Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) since October 2013, one of its founding Commissioners, and the past Chair of CCHI. Since 2003, Natalya has been teaching a variety of courses to healthcare interpreters of various facilities in Ohio. She is the author and instructor of courses for interpreters of languages of lesser diffusion. Natalya has delivered a variety of presentations for healthcare and social service providers on cultural competence, working with interpreters, and serving refugee populations.

Register is an essential component of the speaker’s message. Interpreters are tasked with maintaining the register to achieve equivalence of meaning between the original and target messages. Yet, is it always possible? And is it always necessary?

The presenter clarifies the concepts of register and dialectal/regional variations of language, and discusses factors affecting the interpreter’s ability to maintain register as well as components of mastering this skill. Importance and relevance of maintaining the speaker’s register in healthcare settings are exemplified. In conclusion, participants practice analyzing messages on the criticality scale of maintaining register in a healthcare encounter.

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