"I very much enjoyed these courses. It took me a bit to navigate the site on my phone, but once I learned how to use it, it was very easy. I especially like the fact that the courses are self-paced, so I was able to work on them between appointments, which was extremely helpful. To be honest, I took some courses from a different website and it seemed like they used the same platform (Moodle), but your courses were much more informative. Plus you have the quizzes, which allowed me to test my retention, which was something not available with the other guys. So once again, thank you very much and I look forward to taking more CEUs down the line."
Felipe T. Nystrom
Certified Medical Interpreter
“Your online service is the best! I told all of my colleagues here in Houston to check out your online courses and they all agreed that the best way to renew LCI is to take CE courses from IEO.” 
Thong Nguyen
"After carefully reading all the material, I could not skip the “optional” section, since I found the course very fruitful, interesting and easy to understand. Congratulations on such engaging reading and AV materials. I appreciate the opportunity and will definitely take more courses and keep striving to improve my skills as a professional interpreter."
Juan L.
Medical Translator & Interpreter
"Wow! There is SO MUCH they have to offer, and it isn't the same ol' workshops with little substance."
Ramona Crossley

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  1. Lily

    I followed the instruction, learning by reading comprehension, and then completed the quiz. This course helped me understand more about the US healthcare system, helping me work better and more effectively in the field of medical interpreting. Thank you LEO for creating this useful course!

  2. LEO

    We’re happy to hear that you found the course engaging, Carla! Thank you for highlighting the responsiveness of our team—it’s important to us that you feel supported throughout your learning journey. We look forward to having you in more courses in the future and continuing to support your professional development. Thank you for choosing LEO!

  3. I found this course to be very in-depth with a lot of new terms and concepts that I had not learned before. I found a few sections a bit challenging, but nonetheless useful and engaging. Communication with LEO was great as well. My questions and concerns were answered promptly and it made me feel that someone was available at all times rather than waiting to hear back. I will definitely consider taking other courses offered by LEO in the future.

  4. Gisellay

    Great courses. I like the challenge of getting all in ENG and having to research all of the information and terminology in SP. Excellent learning method. And the admin staff is fantastic. Thank you!

  5. Miriam

    Edición de Texto en Español, was very helpful since we are a team of translators that work a lot editing, a refresher on how to use the grammatical rules better. The final exercises are a bit challenging but you can always refer back to the material to reinforce the learned material. The staff is very efficient, quick response and great customer service. Thank you.

    Miriam Solorio K. District Bilingual Interpreter/Translator

  6. claudia Rivas

    I can’t thank you enough for creating this great platform. My National CMI about to expire and needed to find an accessible, easy to manage website that offered exactly what I was looking for. I navigated several ones. But somehow yours happened to meet my requirements. You also put together a combination of very interesting and affordable webinars, along with other great options, like courses, trainings that are endorsed by serious Interpreting/Translating organizations.
    Also had an incredible fast response from your personnel. Kind and professional that answered all my doubts quickly! WOW!

  7. David Neathery

    I did a first-pass review of the grader comments, VERY helpful and thorough. This is by far my most challenging AND rewarding online course due to its breadth-and-depth content, keeping me seriously engaged at each exercise step and each phase including many retakes/rewinds.
    David Neathery, WA/OR Certified Court Interpreter

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