Beyond the Buzzwords, Winter Edition

LEO's 8th International Virtual Conference

Location: Online 

|       Dates: Nov 30-Dec 1, 2023

|      Time: 11-5 PM EST / 8 AM-2 PM PST (Nov 30)
   11 AM-6:05 PM EST / 8 AM-3:05 PM PST (Dec 1) 

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Welcome to LEO’s 8th International Virtual Conference, the event designed for those at the forefront of the language services industry, uniting experts, thought leaders, and professionals from across the globe. 

 During our December event, you will have an opportunity to learn how to foster diverse and inclusive interactions, discover effective mentoring strategies for nurturing emerging talent, learn the fundamentals of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications, receive tips and guidance for success in court certification examinations, participate in dynamic breakout discussions, share experiences, cultivate valuable connections, and earn CEUs. 

This conference serves as a great opportunity to broaden your perspective, connect with industry leaders, and elevate your skills and knowledge. Join us for this enriching experience and become a part of the dialogue that is shaping the future of the language services industry. Secure your spot today and get ready to end the year inspired, enlightened, and empowered. 

Who is this for? Interpreters, translators, language company owners, court and hospital language service administrators, and other language industry professionals.

Why join? The conference provides a fantastic opportunity to network with some of the best industry professionals, get CEUs, and have all your questions answered in breakout rooms. All from the comfort of your remote environment.
CEUs (numbers TBD below): ATA, DSHS, RID, CCHI, IMIA/NBCMI, AZ, CA (CIMCE), CO, DE, KY, MD, MI, MN, MO, NE, NC, NM, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, TN, TX, UT, WA, WI. 
Can’t attend the live event? No worries! The recorded video of the conference will be available to everyone who registers.
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What Our Attendees are Saying

Thursday, November 30

11:00-11:05 EST

Opening Remarks

Speakers: Jinny Bromberg, LEO’s Executive Director, Elena Polonsky, LEO’s Marketing Director

11:05-12:25 EST

What the Future Holds

What is next and how to be ready for it – this is always the main theme of this panel. This time we will focus on the profound impact of emerging technologies, services, and verticals on language access, and on the opportunities and hurdles it presents to our audience. 

Panelists: Jay Marciano, President of AMTA, Veronika Demichelis, President of ATA, Susan Amarino, Immediate Past President of ALC

12:25-12:30 EST


12:30-13:30 EST

Personal Branding for Language Professionals: How to Stand Out as a Business of One

Discover how to stand out as a business of one in the competitive landscape, get insights on creativity, strategic communication management, and the power of personal branding. Whether you’re a seasoned interpreter or just starting in the field, this session promises valuable takeaways for elevating your professional journey. 

Presenter: Mireya Pérez, Founder of Brand the Interpreter Podcast 

13:30-13:50 EST


13:50-15:00 EST

Burning Bright, Burning Out: Working Conditions and Interpreter Performance 

This panel will represent the intersection between the freelance/contract interpreters, remote interpreters, management of interpreters, and interpreting as a staff interpreter. Four panelists will discuss their respective working conditions and how they each work to achieve optimal performance. The focus will be on where we are currently in our respective arenas (whether it’s healthcare, education, or legal) and the change we hope to create on both a macro and micro level.

Panelists: Andrea R. Henry, Interpreter and Researcher, Prado Antolino, Interpreter Manager at Moffit Cancer Center, Nanyi Mateo, VRI and OPI Interpreter, Kenton Myers, ASL and Spanish Interpreter

15:00-15:05 EST


15:05-16:05 EST

Implicit Bias Awareness and Mitigation: Strategies for Diverse and Inclusive Interactions

In this talk, we will provide insights and practical strategies for recognizing and addressing implicit bias in various contexts. Learn how to foster diverse and inclusive interactions while promoting fairness and equity.

Presenter: Bruce Adelson, Esq., Federal Compliance Expert

16:05-17:00 EST

Embody the Mentoring Spirit: Reframing Mentorship

The concept of mentorship is often misunderstood and misapplied, leading to issues like high burnout rates and disillusionment among newcomers. This workshop aims to debunk harmful myths and reshape our understanding of mentorship. The presenter will explore the elements of effective mentorship, the dangers of toxic mentorship, and the importance of embodying a “mentoring spirit” that transcends traditional methods.

Presenter: Shawn Norris, President of FRID, CCHI Commissioner, and President of Hello Interpreters

Friday, December 1

11:00-11:05 EDT

Opening Remarks

Speaker: Jinny Bromberg, LEO’s Executive Director

11:05-12:35 EDT

Where Law Meets Reality
Join us for our staple panel, where we’ll delve into the latest state and federal legal developments across the US and explore what lies ahead in 2024, including checking on the HHS updates on the Section 1557, a critical component of the ACA. Our renowned expert duo will dissect recent court cases, legislative changes, and policy shifts that have shaped the landscape of healthcare access and equality. Expect a great conversation!

Panelists: Bruce Adelson, Esq., Federal Compliance Expert, Carla Fogaren, President of NCIHC, National Consultant on Equity and Language Access in Health Care

12:35-12:40 EST


12:40-13:40 EST

Generative AI 101: Unleashing Creativity with ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing

We’ll delve into the fundamental concepts that underpin generative AI, setting the stage for a deeper dive into three AI systems: ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing. We aim to provide you with a side-by-side comparison on the best uses of these tools in a general context and in the localization context. Most importantly we will provide you with some examples of how to practically use each of these systems. 

Presenter: Jessica Yaacoub, Director of Operations and Development at Bromberg & Associates

13:40-14:00 EST


14:00-15:00 EST

Certification for Interpreters: Is It Worth It?

During this talk, Janis Palma will discuss the benefits and advantages of acquiring a professional credential, what credentialing institutions look for and how to know if you’re ready to take that step. She will also talk about “life after certification” and how to stand out from the crowd for a successful lifelong career. (Spoiler alert: of course the answer to the title’s question is going to be “yes”!) 

Presenter: Janis Palma, Certified Interpreter and Translator

15:00-16:00 EST

Empowering Excellence: Professional Standards in Translation and Interpreting 

Standards exist to ensure minimum expectations are met. When applied to professional translators and interpreters, they protect us from abuse – deliberate or not – by clients who are not familiar with the demands of our work. They also provide some guidance to clients by helping them to set parameters and understand what to expect from language industry professionals. 

Presenter: Giovanna Lester, ATA Certified Translator and Conference Interpreter

16:00-17:00 EST

Advocacy and Culture Awareness: When Culture Deviates from What We Know

The presentation’s focus will be Jorge’s experience within the hospital and with indigenous community. It will highlight how advocacy and cultural awareness push the limits. Examples will be presented and analyzed on how simple topics and conversations can have significant gaps that need to be filled. 

Presenter: Jorge Mejia, Certified Interpreter and Supervisor of Interpreter Services 

17:00-17:05 EST


17:05-18:05 EST

Breakout Rooms

Space in each room is limited to 25 attendees. To join one of the networking rooms, send the request, specifying the room you’d like to join and any questions you might already have for the room’s expert host. Conference registration and advance breakout room registration are required to join this exclusive opportunity.
Room 1, hosted by Scott Mirsky, Attorney 
Topics to discuss:  
  • Changes in California Since the Court’s Decision to Uphold Proposition 22
  • Federal Trade Commission’s Efforts to Abolish Non-Compete Agreements
  • Is It Better to be an Employee or an Independent Contractor
Room 2, hosted by Bruce Adelson, Federal Compliance Expert 
Topics to discuss: 
  • Advocacy
  • National Origin and Disability Discrimination
  • Constitutional Rights
Room 3, hosted by Dot Roberts, Audiovisual Translator
Topics to discuss: 
  • Translation-related topics
  • Subtitling career
Room 4, hosted by Bill Rivers, Principal at WP Rivers and Associates
Topics to discuss: 
  • SafeAI and everything you want to know about it
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ATA:  8 CEUs in category A.

RID: 0.8

Healthcare interpreting: 8 CCHI CEUs, 5 DSHS CEUs and 6 contact hours = 0.6 IMIA/NBCMI CEUs.

Court interpreting: 8 CEUs in AZ, CO, DE, KY, MI, NC, NE, NM, 8.95 CIMCE, 10 CEUs in MD, 6 CEUs in MO, 8 general CEUs in OR, 8 CEUs in PA and WI.