Language Proficiency Testing

LEO offers language proficiency tests (LPTs) to many types of clients: employers looking to vet the linguistic abilities of current or prospective employees, individuals who need to assess their language skills for employment or educational purposes.  

Tests are composed of speaking and listening assessments that measure a candidate’s ability to converse in the language being tested. Written vocabulary quiz can be ordered as an additional service. Language proficiency spoken tests are proctored in real time over Zoom and last about 20 minutes. The tests are evaluated by native speakers of the language being tested who were born, raised, and educated at the university level in the target language culture. Test results are made available within two to three business days.  

Test Scheduling: Scheduling is available during business hours (9 am to 5 pm EST) and should be requested at least 24 business hours in advance via email at and 

Test Administration: After purchasing the test, you will be contacted regarding your availability. Please note that our office hours are 9 AM-5 PM Eastern, so if you purchased the test on a weekend, you will be contacted the next business day. The testing candidate will receive a Zoom link with the scheduled date and time. All evaluations are recorded (candidate is notified and asked for permission to record). Once the candidate’s identity is established, our evaluators proceed with the test questions, which gradually increase in complexity, so that the candidate uses the full range of their language ability. The evaluation takes approximately 20 minutes, and the candidate’s performance is scored.  

If requested, reading and writing tests are proctored on our website, where the candidate logs in to pass the quiz within the allocated timeline. 

Results Reporting and Billing: We evaluate the candidate’s comprehension, communication skills, grammar, and vocabulary according to the 12+ levels scale from level 1 where the speaker has no ability to communicate in language to level 12+ where the speaker is completely fluent at a native level. The results are delivered by email two business days following the test. Scores are only reported to you or the administrator you designate; we do not share results with the candidate or with another company. 

Language proficiency tests are available in these languages. If you do not see your language listed, please contact us. In most cases, we are able to support additional languages.  

If you are purchasing a course and test together, select the “with course” option.