Interpreter Assessment Testing

Linguist Education Online offers Interpretation Performance Assessment Tests (IPATs) to practicing interpreters, agencies who need to test their applicants, courts and hospitals who need to assess their employees or contractors.

These tests help determine the current skill level in the consecutive, simultaneous, and sight translation modes prior to taking certification tests or applying for work. This assessment can also be used by language service providers to screen their existing contract interpreters.

IPATs are administered in real time by a proctor over the Internet. The assessment is conducted by experienced certified interpreters and interpretation performance graders.

IPATs should be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the testing date. For the test, a candidate will need the following:
  • A computer
  • Skype
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Computer-compatible headset and a microphone
Become a member of IEO Plus today and enjoy 10% off IPATs, plus many more benefits! Disclaimer: Interpreter Education Online’s IPATs are not certification examinations. IPATs were designed to only provide a quantified evaluation of a candidate’s interpretation skills.