Language Agencies

Need to assess your current interpreters or screen new applicants?

IEO understands that language service companies cannot provide training to their contract interpreters without it impacting their interpreters’ freelance status. Providing training to contract interpreters will cause them to be reclassified as employees, thus causing the language service company to incur significant fines and penalties. To help you comply with IRS and Department of Labor regulations, IEO offers its training and testing to companies that need to accurately gauge the ability of their interpreters. For more information on testing, please click here.

Want to prepare your staff for a certification test?

IEO offers preparatory courses to get your staff ready for certification exams. For more information on the certification process for legal and medical interpreters, please click here.

Do your interpreters need to satisfy continuing education requirements?

Rushing to satisfy continuing education (CE) requirements on top of an already busy work schedule can be quite stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be. IEO’s courses have been approved by various states and organizations for CE credit. This means that your staff can meet CE requirements from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Looking for an easy way to monitor your interpreters’ training progress?

Becoming a member of IEO Plus will allow you to view your contract interpreters’ progress reports, monitor their training activity, and save their records for the quality assurance and control your clients expect from you.
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