Celebrating 15 Years of Quality and Dedication: LEO Marks a Milestone in T&I Training and Testing

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This year, Linguist Education Online (LEO) proudly celebrates its 15th anniversary, a significant milestone that reflects our longstanding commitment to providing top-tier online T&I training, CEUs, language proficiency and interpreter performance testing.

Since our inception in 2009, LEO has been at the forefront of the language industry, constantly evolving and expanding our offerings to meet the diverse needs of language professionals nation- and worldwide. Over the past 15 years, LEO has developed a comprehensive array of educational programs tailored to interpreters and translators working in various sectors, including legal, healthcare, and educational. Our courses are designed not only to enhance technical skills but also to deepen the cultural understanding and ethical frameworks necessary for effective practice.

From launching our initial Legal Interpreting Courses in 2009 and being instrumental in the development of CCHI’s CEAP program to introducing innovative Healthcare and Educational Interpreting courses in subsequent years, LEO has been a beacon of innovation and excellence. In 2018, we expanded our horizons further by offering specialized courses for translators, coupled with the introduction of LEO+ membership, providing ongoing support and resources to our growing community.

In 2020 LEO pivoted again by organizing and hosting our inaugural International Virtual Conference during the pandemic of 2020, which saw a remarkable turnout of over 700 attendees from various corners of the globe. This event not only set a new standard in virtual T&I conferences but also underscored our capability to unite language professionals in a shared learning environment, despite geographical distances.

It’s Our Birthday, and Everyone Gets a Present!

As a token of our appreciation for your continued support through these 15 years, we are excited to offer a special anniversary gift to all our students and subscribers. For the entire month of May, enjoy 15% off any course without instructor evaluation or a webinar of your choice, just add the coupon code Happy15LEO to your cart!

As we celebrate this 15-year journey, we look forward to continuing our mission of empowering language professionals with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities needed to succeed in an increasingly globalized world. The future promises even greater expansion as we plan to introduce more language options and advanced technological tools to enhance learning experiences.

Thank you to our dedicated instructors, staff, sponsors, partners, and students who have been part of this remarkable journey. Here’s to continuing our tradition of excellence and meeting the ever-changing needs of the language services industry!

Join our 9th International Virtual Conference in June to celebrate our Anniversary with us!

Message from our Executive Director

"Happy 15th to LEO! We began this journey in 2009 with a vision to create a space for T&I professionals to learn, grow and expand their careers. From launching our first legal interpreting course to training healthcare interpreters, translators, hosting our highly successful virtual conferences and much more, each step forward has been fueled by our collective desire to excel and innovate. I am confident that together, we will continue to shape a world where language connects us. Thank you all for being a pivotal part of LEO community. Here’s to many more years of making a difference together!"

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