Comprehensive Healthcare Medical Training Program

The Comprehensive Healthcare Interpreter Training Program is our most extensive medical interpreter course. It provides theoretical and practical training for aspiring and professional medical interpreters. The course is composed of 8 units. Each unit in the course contains a section on:

– the Healthcare System in the U.S.
– Body System
– Diseases
– Medical devices, tests, and procedures
– Interpreter Ethics
– Interpretation Theory
– Interpretation Practice Exercises

With this course, students will be able to:

1. Expand their knowledge of the U.S. healthcare system and medical procedures.

2. Build an extensive base of “ready-to-use” linguistic equivalents of medical and special terminology.

3. Improve their interpretation skills with the help of an instructor (Packages 3-5).

4. Gain a better understanding of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for medical interpreters.

The Comprehensive Interpreter Training Program is offered in the following five packages.

Length of access: 24 weeks

Feedback from interpreters who took this course

This program is organized very well and provides excellent materials for study, as well as opportunities to test and practice your skills with quizzes and exercises. I received great support and very valuable feedback from the instructor for my language pair, and all of that from the convenience of my home at my own schedule. I would very much recommend it.
Monika Maslowski

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