Conference update: Networking sessions!

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Great news, Everyone! By popular demand, we are adding networking sessions to our already highly interactive conference. Complimentary* virtual networking will be hosted on Thursday immediately after the final workshop of the day, at 6 PM EST. We will have 4 breakout sessions led by 4 experts, and 20 attendees can join each room. If you are interested in joining, you have to sign up for it in advance.  
Room 1, hosted by Scott Mirsky, Attorney 
Topics to discuss:  
  • Tips for strong working relationships between LSCs and linguists 
  • What provisions should every linguist include in their contracts? 
  • Update on the current laws/regulations dealing with employee/independent contractor classification issues 
Room 2, hosted by Bruce Adelson, Federal Compliance Expert 
Topics to discuss: 
  • New Section 1557 Health Care Civil Rights Proposals 
  • How to Survive if You are Sued 
  • Ask a Lawyer Your Legal Question 
Room 3, hosted by Jinny Bromberg, Certified Interpreter, Interpreter Trainer and LSC owner 
Topics to discuss: 
  • How to start a business 
  • How to be successful in business 
  • Challenges and lifehacks 
Room 4, hosted by Rafa Lombardino, Certified Translator, Subtitler, Voice Over Artist & Translation Instructor 
Topic to discuss:
  • Audiovisual translation (AVT) 
If you’d like to join one of the networking rooms, please register for the conference and send the request, specifying the room you’d like to join and any questions you might already have for the room’s expert host. We look forward to meeting you, answering your questions, and having thought-provoking discussions!  
* Subject to change for future events

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