Court Interpreter Ethics

Should you interpret everything that is said in the courtroom? What do you do when a defendant asks you for legal advice? How do you react when an attorney questions your language proficiency? This course answers all these questions, plus more, and provides comprehensive information regarding the court interpreter Сodes of Ethics and professional responsibility. By completing this course, you will develop a profound understanding of the professional standards for competent court interpreters as well as practical knowledge of ethical dilemmas in the workplace. The course includes four video segments illustrating proper utilization of the ethical and protocol norms, various types of court hearings, and challenging situations commonly encountered by legal interpreters.

Length of access: 1 month

Feedback from interpreters who took this course

“I am satisfied with the level of this course, its challenges and education it provided me with. I think this type of course will ensure that we meet and elevate the professional standards in the courtrooms and legal system in general. Thank you for a job well done.”
Anne F.
“I have been an interpreter for 9 years, so I have taken several Ethics classes, but never online. I was very happy with the content provided and really think I learned something here. Thanks!”
Gabriela Pedroza
“I enjoyed your material. Full of really good reminders and examples. I also appreciate the ease of taking the course online. I will recommend it to my colleagues.”
Mati V.
“Your online service is the best! I told all of my colleagues here in Houston to check out your online courses and they all agreed that the best way to renew LCI is to take CE courses from LEO.”
Thong Nguyen

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