Feedback for LEO's 6th International Virtual Conference

What the Future Holds panel
To my fellow interpreters: We are working so hard every day behind the scenes or in front of our little screen to bridge the language gaps. However, take a couple of days out of your busy schedule to attend LEO International Conference once or twice every year. It really shows you a big picture about interpretation and is an eye-opening learning experience. It's worth it.
Qing Xiu Sun
LEO in my opinion is a great place to learn and refine ideas. To expand on concepts but also to connect with others that are professional and passionate about language. I am honored and humbled to be able to be a part of great group of individuals.
This was a great conference. Although it was remote, attendants got to participate via chat and share their stories and comments. Look forward to participating in next year’s conference.
Alegna Zavatti
Excellent presenters! Held me captivated for two days! I can’t wait for the next conference.
Dawn Dare
I totally love this!! love love Bruce! His information is very helpful, and he explains things in a way I can understand!! Looking forward to the next conference already!!
Veronica Lopez
Overall great conference with a wide variety of topics for the professional field. I very much enjoyed legal and regulatory compliance updates, advice and examples.
Bruce Adelson
The conference was exquisite!
Rosamaria Navarro
Thank you for this opportunity. I wish my entire Interpreter team could join. I will definitely recommend.
Claudia Romero-Montenegro
Very knowledgeable presenters, really enjoyed this conference. Thanks to all presenters and organizers.
Liz Lavoignet
The sessions in this conference were very informative, fun, and interactive with lots of examples, scenarios that are relatable to our profession. It helps greatly with what we face that is challenging in our work as interpreters.
Kasandra Parraga-Martinez
This is the second time I attended LEO's international virtual conference. I think it's even better than the first one. All the presenters are great, and the subjects relevant! Thank you so much for providing such high-quality conferences!
Huangyih Liao
I only have words of gratitude for this amazing opportunity to learn from those who have experience. I hope to have a chance to attend your other conferences and webinars.
Maria Lucia Angel
Andrea Henry
The sessions were fantastic. Unfortunately, I had to stop listening sometimes because I was interpreting for families, but my favorite topics were Organization and Productivity, Simultaneous interpreting in healthcare and From Interpreting to Public Speaking. I love those and I learned a lot of things from the others, especially the ones related to law. Please keep doing this, and also kudos to the presenters.
María Cristina Mella
Working as an independent contractor in the interpreting industry often leaves one feeling as if they existed on an island. The concepts, skills, and techniques taught by the fantastic presenters in this online conference enhance the individual interpreter's feeling of connection and belonging to an exciting and growing industry.
Patrick Sullivan
I immensely enjoyed my first conference and hope to attend it every year from now on!
Paula Coulter
Really informative – particularly regarding language access and where the industry is heading.
Sarah McClymonds
Organization and Productivity panel
Breakout sessions were amazing. I’d like to see more of this. Especially on perhaps…terminology?? Where we could bounce questions/ideas off each other. We did some of that in the chat box with the word “sliding fee scale”. But it would be nice to go more in depth with our colleagues. It was nice to pick the brain of some of the experts. I loved being in the breakout room!!
Sherry Sheldon Holm
It is awesome to be reminded in two days of the dos and don'ts that we as interpreter sometimes take for granted by the habit of seeing our work as just a job. This was again a great conference, full of great and enriching information. Thank you, looking forward to the next one!
María Van Natta
I really enjoy these conferences! Thank you so much. I love the fact that we can listen to the conference at our own pace. With work and other obligations, it is hard to attend a conference, but this online way is fantastic!
Mariana Paz
GREAT CONFERENCE AS ALWAYS!! Informative, formative, and Life-changing.
Dietmar Perez
Star duo of Danielle Meder and Rocio Treviino
This is a great conference. I learned a lot of new things. Also felt I am in a community, there are many people doing the same job as mine, I am not alone. The skills shared in this conference are enlightening. I am looking forward the next conference.
Nannan Du
I enjoyed each topic/speaker. I am grateful for Bruce Adelson's extensive knowledge! Great to hear the panel of Rafa, Tanya and Valerie, and hear how each manages their time/business so differently, yet so successfully! Great conversations! I appreciate the knowledge and expertise of each speaker/panel member. Natalya Mytareva is very inspiring. It is exciting to learn of all the possibilities. Thank you for another wonderful conference!
Eileen Celis
Thank you for another wonderful conference! I can’t wait for the next one.
Roberto Estrada Castro
This Conference was amazing! I am so looking forward to the next one.
Valerie Velez Toro
Natalya Mytareva of CCHI
Best conference ever!
Marcela R.
I am really happy I signed up for this conference. A lot of great information in general. Learned a lot. Very organized and practical tips.
Fabiola Suastegui
I appreciate all of the speakers and everyone at LEO! Yet again, a wonderfully organized and thought- and action-inspiring conference! Well done!
Lily Cheung
Thank you very much. All speakers/presentations were so great and insightful; I enjoyed listening to each and everyone's experiences, not just professional but personal.
Leisdy Bejarano
I registered for this conference to earn CEUs as an interpreter of the deaf with little knowledge of the world of language interpreters. I found the parallels fascinating and learned so much. The variety of topics chosen for this conference were great. Thank you.
Claire Troiano
You guys outdid yourselves. Enjoyed every minute. One of the best conferences I’ve been to. Invigorating. Thank you!
Diana S.
Jinny and Elena, LEO team

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