Working with Interpreters: for Providers

Presenter: Eliana Lobo

Presenter: Eliana Lobo

Eliana Lobo is a Portuguese court and healthcare interpreter, Spanish/Portuguese translation supervisor, medical trauma center interpreter services Supervisor and Certified Medical Interpreter Trainer. Eliana earned two M.A.s from Brown University: Bilingual Education, and Portuguese & Brazilian Studies. She’s a nationally certified CoreCHI-Portuguese, and a former Fulbright Grantee. Since 2013, via the NCIHC’s “Home for Trainers” webinar workgroup, she has helped create and host over 30 national webinars on effective medical interpreter training.

This webinar is meant for providers who work directly with LEP patients and their families. Providers will learn about best practices of partnering with an interpreter in a healthcare setting, in order to provide federally mandated language access to healthcare.

A brief review of language access and the law is followed by a review of currently available interpreter services modalities. Most of the training is directed towards improving the flow of communication within the triadic patient/interpreter/provider encounter. Practical tips for interacting with interpreters and LEP patients, how to properly document language preference in the electronic medical record, and how to handle a number of commonly occurring situations will be reviewed. Language access best practices are examined. Techniques and suggestions for enhancing the flow of communication will be shared. Best practice for partnering with an interpreter efficiently, communicating directly and concisely are demonstrated. Suggestions for how to build trust and ensure good communication, understanding and compliance with LEP patients and families, as well as free culturally competent resources to support delivery of services are shared.

Learning Objectives

  1. Briefly review language access Federal law
  2. Examine a variety of options and processes for requesting an interpreter, as well as documenting language and interpreter preference
  3. Identify common pitfalls that can impede the flow of communication with LEP patients and families
  4. Understand how to manage an interpreted encounter more effectively
  5. Learn best practice techniques to avoid common pitfalls
  6. Learn how to partner with the interpreter to establish trust, good communication, and compliance with your LEP patient

CEUs: 1 CE hour with RID and CCHI.*

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