Hiring in a New Era

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We’ve talked a lot about the myriad of changes that have been made in society in the past few years. Technology continues to evolve, requiring businesses to do the same. Old practices are becoming passe and new traditions are being made daily. As a business owner or HR executive, what are you doing to ensure you are building the right team for the future of your company? On the flip side, as a job seeker, what should you consider?

Here are some helpful hints we’ve found:

1. Hiring based on a college degree or GPA is no longer as important as it once was. Google, one of the world’s most admired companies, is the leader in this trend. There are many reasons behind this strategy, but one example is the real life versus school life mentality. So when you are posting your next job opening or applying to one, think if a degree is as important as real world experience.

2. Hiring individuals who possess a strong creative side is proving favorable over a strong academic founding. Why? According to CareeRealism, creativity allows for new perspectives when approaching problems and their solutions. A creative mindset can often bring a fresh thought process to any team, and that can lead to moving in successful new directions.

3. Hiring based on skills and knowledge may not be enough to decide who the right candidate is. LinkedIn includes two areas of equal importance when evaluating potential employees: Personality Characteristics and Motivation. While skills and knowledge are necessary for the position, they can often be learned with proper training. Many organizations, like Interpreter Education Online, exist just for the purpose of furthering professional education. Motivation and personality characteristics are more deeply rooted, and can tell you more about a candidate than their skillsets. Advice to job seekers: let your personality shine.

These are the top three trends we found. Do you have any helpful tips from your hiring process? Post comments and insights on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages!