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Thank you, everyone who joined us last week! We appreciate each and every one of you. 

Platinum Sponsors that made this Conference possible: an interpreter platform for managing language services Interpreter Intelligence and our sister company Bromberg & Associates

Gold Sponsors that made this Conference possible: Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI), The National Board for Certification of Medical Interpreters (NBCMI), a computer-assisted software suite MemoQ, and a fast and user-friendly EU terminology search tool Juremy.

Silver Sponsors that made this Conference possible: Brand The Interpreter, I&T Lounge, HeartSong Interpreting and Botmock.

Thank you, our amazing speakers, for sharing your knowledge and valuable tips so generously!

The recorded video is available and will be sent out to all attendees shortly. If you registered for CEUs, please find the attendance questionnaire here. It was also emailed to everyone on Friday. 

LEO Conference Raffle. The winners of a free course are:

  1. Sylvia Posada
  2. Kellymarie Minton
  3. Ana Leticia Lottis
  4. Annalisa Nash
  5. Rong Eisenberg

The winners of LEO Plus membership are:

  1. Indira Sultanic
  2. Octavio Lavoignet
  3. Nora Mitchell
  4. Consuelo Martin
  5. Sylvia Hamilton
  6. Paul Tillier
  7. Isa Fuentes Mercado
  8. Jasmin Hersi
  9. Sylvia Uribe
  10. Chong Korbel-Ku

You are also notified via email. Congratulations!

Below is some feedback we received. Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you again in winter!

Research on Mental Fatigue and Biden Administration were both very interesting. In fact, most of the presentations were excellent. The “employee or independent contractor” subject is interesting from both sides of the arguments. I think this was well put together to cover an array of interpreter concerns.

– Sandra P. Saldana

Thank you for another great web-conference! Looking forward to attending more from LEO. By the way, Jinny, Carly and Elena – kudos – you guys always do such a nice job of holding these conferences,  you do a fantastic job!  Thanks for all of your hard work!

– Jennifer Harrison

Research on Interpreter Mental Fatigue: Great new idea on how to measure interpreter productivity and value in ways other than minute to minute comparisons. Many administrators do not take into account the work that we do “offline.” Very much looking forward to the published study results. – Zoe Schutzman

I overall liked all the topics brought up, especially also being a struggling immigrant made me feel inspired listening to the panelists who talked about legal issues and how important it is to voice your concerns. I also must admit that I am very interested now in doing the Voice-over and transcripts courses. Thank you for the conference! – Tatyana Sorensen

I learned so much from these excellent presenters.  I feel motivated to expand my skill set and even acquire some new equipment to perhaps dabble into other sectors of the language services industry (voiceover!). I also feel motivated to be a better advocate for my profession, to mentor the next generation, and to take better care of myself! – Aaron Christensen

Research on Interpreter Fatigue presented by Andrea Henry: This was a presentation that spoke directly to my heart and soul of being a professional medical interpreter.  Working at a children’s hospital as an interpreter and supervisor of the interpreting department, it was so relatable to my every day working experience. The difficulty to statistically represent our work to administration, and the everyday needs of the interpreters were the biggest take-away. Can’t wait for the recording. – Rosa M Roberts

The subject of what lies ahead under the Biden administration was well presented. Both Carla Fogaren and Bruce Adelsen are a delight to listen to. I had no idea that 75% of interpreters are independent contractors. We had both the plea for employee status and the plea for keeping our independent contractor status argued by different parties during the conference, and I liked that very much. – Truxie J Boyce

Andrea Henry’s was my favorite. These findings should be published and divulged throughout the medical centers so that when managers/administrators measure “interpreter productivity” they factor intensity and complexity of the encounters, not just minutes. Suzanne Couture

I never related census with interpreting. But upon thinking about it after the session, it totally makes sense–in order to get visibility as a minority group and get necessary services accordingly, you need to have statistical data to justify your spending. Thank you for the wonderful conference. I hope to attend next year as well. – Lourdes L Cerna

A lot of useful information. Most interesting was learning how the Census relates to voting and the LEPs. All presenters were AWESOME, but Rafa was quite captivating with her Voice-over and Transcription info—she convinced me to look into V-O!  I teach interpreters and this was critical info as our profession evolves. Ghiliane Guzman-Torrez

I really liked the Voice-Over with Rafa. I have a background in acting, I have done voice-over in the past and would like to do it again. I think Rafa was very thorough and gave just about all the information that I need. Thank you for putting together such a great conference. Monica Porteny

All [sessions] were informative and educational, but my favorite was Transcription, maybe it was the speaker, but the topic is one that I’m becoming more interested in lately. Well done, everyone! – Laura  G. Cooley

All presenters taught me something new and their presentations were very good. The talks about Transcription and Voice-Over gave me information about a profession that is new to me. I found them very informative, they gave me a very good vision about this profession so I will be able to let people who are looking what to do with their linguistic skills know about this profession. – Nacky Koma

It was a great conference and I enjoyed it a lot. I learned lots of new things, especially technology-wise and appreciate myriad of resources that are available. Thank you so much for all your hard work to put everything together. – Keiko M. Simmons

Bruce Adelson’s seminars and comments are always highly informative. Great panelists and great discussion on Biden Administration, useful insights about the future directions for marketing and promoting language services. Very inspiring panelists and useful advice on how to get involved on Your Voice Matters. – Adela Amador

Census – I had never thought of the many ways the census is used in relationship to language access; I really appreciated the data that was presented. Voice-Over – I had no idea that there was so much voice-over work available! I think this was very interesting to me as a field that I would like to get into. I was also very thankful that Mrs. Lombardino went into detail about the different microphones and equipment needed. Quang Tong

It’s always a pleasure to participate in the events organized by Linguist Education Online! – Rafa Lombardino, Speaker at the Conference

Thanks again to everyone at LEO for the opportunity to present! This was my first ever presentation at a T&I conference and it was a wonderful, enriching experience. I hope that our stories will continue to inspire other colleagues to get involved in advocacy work for our profession and for language access. Congrats on the amazing job you all did in putting on such an engaging, well-rounded conference. – Jennifer Santiagos, Speaker at the Conference

I was honored to speak at the Linguist Education Online’s Conference for the first time. It was a very humbling experience and quite honestly, nerve-wracking. Thank you, Jinny Bromberg and your team for putting this 2-day event together and giving a platform to share information at the time when CA Bill AB5 can become a reality NATION-WIDE in the form of PROAct. – Ksenia Topolniak, Speaker at the Conference

I found it very helpful to learn about the tools, software, courses needed to do voice over. Impressed to learn how much (and how differently) the pandemic affected interpreters’ jobs + how technology helped us. Was glad to learn tips to manage our stress and fatigue. Charlene Shih

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