ISO 23155:2022 – The New International Standard for Conference Interpreting Services

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In person conferences and events are quickly returning after being suspended for two years by the pandemic. January 2nd, 2022 was a milestone for conference interpreting: the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the first international standard on Conference Interpreting Services.

In conjunction with the working standards of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), the new ISO 23155:2022 lays down requirements and recommendations for Conference Interpreters and Conference Interpreting Service Providers (CISP) and provides valuable guidance to international organizations, governments, conference organizers, conference centres, providers of conference interpreting equipment, and educational institutions and research centres.

International standards touch every human activity, establish requirements and recommendations for product and service providers, offer guidance to users, provide specifications to ensure and improve customer satisfaction, and raise awareness about the quality you should require. At the end of the day, it is about trust between providers and users. ISO standards benefit everyone, open up world trade and make the global economy more solid.

Conference Interpreting allows government officials, scientists, professionals and diplomats to communicate in multilingual environments while speaking and listening to their own language. In the form of simultaneous interpreting, it is today the standard for multilingual communication in international organizations. Its importance skyrocketed after technology made Distance Interpreting possible, and accelerated by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. As technology becomes increasingly important in Conference Interpreting, it is crucial to have a good understanding of the ins and outs before engaging in the sector.

Slator is hosting a 2-hour online seminar about this critical standard and what it means for the language services industry. This is a unique opportunity for Conference Interpreting Service Providers, conference organizers, conference interpreters, certification bodies, international organizations and LSPs to learn everything they need to know about ISO 23155:2022. Learn how it can be used by:

  • Conference Interpreting Service Providers to strengthen competitiveness, improve reputation, enhance credibility and win new business in the market.
  • Conference Organizers to draft specifications for calls for tenders and improve transparency and clarity for providers and users of Conference Interpreting Services.

A CPD will be provided to the Freelance Interpreters who will attend the event.

Brief Agenda (times in CEST):

16:00 Welcome and Introduction, Andrew Smart, Co-founder and Commercial Director, Slator
16:05 Presentation and Q&A, Haris Ghinos, ISO Project Leader for ISO 23155, Managing Partner of ELIT Language Services and AIHub, AIIC Vice President
18:00 Closing Remarks by Andrew Smart and End

Key topics include:

  • Requirements for the conference interpreting services provider (CISP).
  • Who is a conference interpreter, competences and qualifications.
  • The conference interpreter and the interpreting assignment.
  • Key practices (teamwork, document management, setting up teams of interpreters depending on the language combination, technical equipment, continuous professional development).

Haris Ghinos, Project Leader at ISO TC37/SC5/WG2 for ISO 23155 on Conference Interpreting Services, will talk through the standard’s structure and key definitions. He will explain the advantages of ISO 23155 certification for Conference Interpreting Service Providers and show Conference organizers what they are entitled to expect from CISPs and how they can become better buyers of Conference Interpreting Services.

Haris will also present a bird’s eye view of other ISO standards in the field of interpreting (community, healthcare, legal) and explain the differences between them.

About the trainer:

Haris Ghinos is a Project Leader at ISO TC37/SC5/WG2 for ISO 23155 on Conference Interpreting Services, Managing Partner of ELIT Language Services and AIHub, the Athens Interpreting Hub, and Vice President of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). 

At the end of this intensive seminar:

CISPs, including Consultant Interpreters, will be fully informed about the advantages of ISO 23155:2022 certification and why it offers even more so a crucial competitive edge in the era of Distance Interpreting.

Buyers of Conference Interpreting Services, including public and private contract awarding authorities will know what to require and what to expect.

The author of the new standard will explain how the new standard benefits the industry by ensuring a level playing field for CISPs, enhancing market transparency and making the comparison of bids easier for awarding authorities.

Conference Interpreters, who need to operate in highly controlled environments to perform at their best, will come out aware of what they should expect from CISPs and interpreting equipment providers.

Experts and Auditors working for Certifying bodies will be made privy of unique insights that go beyond the procedural aspects of the standard. You will understand why even the unusually deep knowledge of languages is only part of the multiple processes required to deliver a high-level service like the interpreting heads of states and governments enjoy at the United Nations, the European Commission and the Council of Europe.

Finally, the author will present unique insights into Distance Interpreting and answer questions such as: Is it possible to provide high level Conference interpreting remotely? Is RSI still Conference Interpreting? How do you ensure compliance with the requirements for Conference interpreting while addressing the tremendous challenges conference interpreters face when working away from speakers and participants?

Register now to learn everything about this important standard for the industry. Click the image below to RSVP.

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