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Get ready for an exciting and informative experience at LEO’s upcoming 7th International Virtual Conference! We are thrilled to offer a series of breakout rooms where you can connect with top experts in the field of language access. 

On Friday June 23 at 4:10 PM EDT, immediately after the last session of the conference, you can join a virtual room hosted by renowned professionals in the industry who will share their expertise, answer your questions, and lead discussions on topics that matter to you. 

Feeling legal-minded? Check out Room 1, hosted by Scott Mirsky, Attorney. He’ll cover legal issues related to changes in California since the court’s decision to uphold Proposition 22, the Federal Trade Commission’s efforts to abolish non-compete agreements, and whether it’s better to be an employee or an independent contractor. 

Alternatively, join Room 2, hosted by the witty and brilliant Bruce Adelson, Federal Compliance Expert, and delve into advocacy, national origin and disability discrimination, and constitutional rights. 

If you’re looking to boost your social media presence, Room 3 is the place to be! Hosted by the fabulous Mireya Pérez, Owner/Podcast Host of Brand the Interpreter, this room will explore developing a brand strategy, creating a content plan, and boosting your brand on social media. 

Finally, Room 4 is hosted by Janis Palma, Certified Interpreter and Translator, and former NAJIT Director. She’ll cover best practices for court interpreting, ethical considerations for court interpreters, and the role of court interpreters in the legal system, as well as tips on how to get certified. 

To participate in the breakout rooms, simply register for the conference in advance and indicate your room preference by sending an email to Admin@LinguistEducationOnline.com. You can also include any questions you may have for the expert host of the room. 

Join us for this engaging and fun experience at LEO7, don’t miss out on the chance to connect with some of the top professionals in the field! 

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