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Thank you, everyone who joined us for LEO8! We appreciate each and every one of you. 

Platinum Sponsors that made this Conference possible: AMN Language Services and Bromberg & Associates

Gold Sponsors that made this Conference possible: Phoenix Language Services and The National Board for Certification of Medical Interpreters (NBCMI).

Silver Sponsors that made this Conference possible: Brand The Interpreter, Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI), Bilingual and Translation Station

Thank you, our amazing speakers, for sharing your knowledge and valuable tips so generously!

Below is some feedback we received. Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you again in June!

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation to LEO. The event was not only engaging but also packed with invaluable information crucial for professionals in our field. The various sessions covered an extensive range of topics, from the latest advancements in medical terminology to effective communication strategies in healthcare settings. Overall, I found the conference to be a valuable investment of my time, and I am eager to apply the newfound knowledge and skills gained during the event.

– Anna Samvelyan

As usual, LEO put together an excellent virtual conference filled with exciting topics and discussions, industry experts, resources, and speaker-audience engagement. This is my 7th out of 8 conferences. I continue to look to LEO to lead the industry into the new frontier! Looking forward to LEO 9 and beyond!

– Lily Cheung

This conference has been top-notch: flawless organization, top-notch speakers, very engaged participants, very relevant, important topics, and so much more. I know how much work it goes into organizing events of this caliber, but you all have done it with such collegiality and grace, that it is truly admirable. 

Prado Antolino, conference speaker

I feel that this conference did a great job balancing overarching big principles with specific practical approaches. This is what I look for in every conference I attend. Discussing big words like advocacy or language access means nothing if it leaves the attendee without the practical steps of what they can do.

Helen Sweeney

I’m really pleased to have attended LEO 8th! All sessions were informative, relevant, and to the point. The panels were dynamic and interesting with knowledgeable and relatable experts. Very grateful to the moderators, hosts, presenters, sponsors, and everyone who brought this great learning opportunity to us T&I professionals.

Roxana Del Barco

This is a very cost-effective way to keep up and chat with colleagues during the conference. Perhaps a post COVID legacy since the last time I went to an in-person conference was an ATA conference in Washington DC.

Thanks for what you do to keep us terps on our toes!

Pedro Batista

This was an excellent conference with highly qualified professional presenters and relevant and interesting content. I am so grateful for all who organized it and feel more supported and enthused about my job as an interpreter after attending it. Thank you for doing it – it was amazing! I am planning on attending again next year!

Nadya Oja

LEO conferences stand out for me because they are international and discuss a range of topics. The events broaden my horizons to the many opportunities that exist for linguists. It is encouraging to know that we (Interpreters/Translators) will always be needed, and we need not feel threatened by advancing technology.

Eileen Celis

I enjoyed listening to all the panelists. Each brought their expertise and insight to a very interesting conference. So much information to learn and debate about!!

I am leaving with my gears moving fast for sure!

Marisa Keziah

This 2-day conference covered very broad area in translation and interpreting.

I have been in the profession since 1998, this meeting experience certainly made me excited. I felt like I am listening to rock stars of my profession. Very passionate people.

Murat Saymaz

I was very impressed by the way these two days followed the announced schedule, virtually to the minute. I have been at many in-person and on-line events where the time discipline was not that well controlled.

Dennis Caffrey

I loved the conference. It was pretty long but I learned a lot and definitely would like to attend next year again. I appreciate the recording as I feel I can go back and listen to it again and not forget what I learned.

– Xochitl Aranda Couret y de Saracho

I enjoyed the balance of technology sessions and the day-to-day type of sessions, Implicit Bias for example.

Overall, great conference and learning opportunity!

Maria Magana

It was my first time attending the LEO Virtual Conference and I was very impressed with the level of expertise LEO was able to provide. I learned a lot of new things or deepened my understanding of things I have already known at practically every session.      

Tatyana Albert

For the many times I have attended LEO conferences, the presenters and panelists are topnotch, well matched, and that is what makes it interesting, their diversity and their subject matter expertise.

Alcira Salguero

Excellent quality of speakers. The panels were well-balanced and informative. Appreciated plenty of time for questions, Reasonable cost and overall professionalism.

Bobbi Daren

It was a wonderful conference that was well-run and chock-full of knowledgeable presenters. Kudos to the coordinators and presenters!

Valeria Delmar

This conference provides opportunity to network with some of the best industry professionals in the country and get CEUs at an affordable price.

Silvia Sham

This LEO lineup was one of the best, with each speaker a true subject matter expert in what they were presenting.

 – Vonessa Costa

Always a pleasure to attend a LEO conference! You are very organized, and bring together fabulous sponsors and presenter content. Keep up the great work!

Jason Hubbard

I thought everything was great and worth the money. Informative and engaging all around.

– Hong Nguyen

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