Physical Evidence

As a court interpreter, you will find yourself occasionally having to interpret cases that involve physical evidence. Are you confident in your ability to interpret courtroom evidence such as fingerprints and bloodstain patterns?

This course introduces you to the classification of physical evidence, types of commonly used testing techniques, and other vital information interpreters must be familiar with. It also offers an extensive resource section and comprehensive glossary.

If taking the course with instructor evaluation, students must submit 1 interpretation exercise and 1 glossary in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Length of access: 1 month


Feedback from interpreters who took this course

"Wow. I LOVE the quality of this training. I feel like I am benefiting from this in such a way that I have not been challenged in a long, long time. I SO appreciate the opportunity of taking the training from you, and look forward to taking more classes, after I finish with the coursework I am focusing on at this time. For SC:L ASL certified interpreters, we have so little to work with, your site has tons of stuff, beneficial to working court interpreters. Kind regards, and many, many thanks!
Mark P. Crossley
“I got a lot out of my course because I studied the information and created my own glossary. It helped me compile 65 new terms that I might not have learned otherwise.”
Abner R.C.
"I did a first-pass review of the grader comments, VERY helpful and thorough. This is by far my most challenging AND rewarding online course due to its breadth-and-depth content, keeping me seriously engaged at each exercise step and each phase including many retakes/rewinds."
David Neathery

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