What You Need to Succeed as a Remote Interpreter

Picture of Presenter: Eliana Lobo

Presenter: Eliana Lobo

Eliana Lobo has over 20 years of experience, supervising teams of legal translators and medical interpreters, and overseeing the quality of language access services. She is a nationally certified medical interpreter through CCHI.

This workshop reviews remote interpreting from two perspectives: hospital administrator’s and working interpreter’s. We clearly make the case that remote interpreting is here to stay, at the same time assuring working interpreters that face-to-face encounters will never go away. They’re just going to get harder, as simpler requests will be increasingly shunted to remote modalities, while tougher assignments will increasingly fill the onsite interpreter’s schedule.

Guidelines for testing equipment, rollover planning, and triaging requests to the phone, video or in-person interpreter are shared. The working interpreter will better understand the metrics and issues that speak to their management professionals.

Then we look at how to enhance one’s remote persona. Workstation set-up, scripts to enforce best practice (pre-session, confidentiality, transparency and managing the flow) are shared. Local and Federal law governing call centers are examined. Links are shared for materials and exercises to assist interpreters with skills assessment and enhancement.

CEUs: 1.00 with CCHI and 0.1 with RID.*

If you are looking to study VRI Interpreting further, IEO offers a comprehensive course on the subject.

Feedback from Participants

I took this webinar, and I would like to thank Eliana Lobo for delivering great information and sharing so much material, tips and resources to practice and learn about one's own skills as an interpreter. Great coordination team as well, answering my questions and doubts fast and efficiently. Congratulations. Thank you!
Lilian Alarcon

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