The Advantages of taking a Language Proficiency Test  

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Language proficiency is the ability to use language in various contexts, settings, and topics. The purpose of Language Proficiency tests is to determine your ability to handle a specific language and to assess how well you know it. As a non-native speaker, you may take a language proficiency test to measure your overall language skills so that you have documented proof of your knowledge and how strong your skills are in the target language.  

Oftentimes, people take language proficiency tests as part of their application for a job, immigration, or to further their professional career with language-related certifications. People who work in healthcare and other customer/patient related fields can use their scores on a language proficiency test to bolster their job applications and appeal to the need of the employer to have a competent foreign language communicator on staff. Furthermore, in today’s global economy, employers are looking for candidates with the right language skills to effectively communicate across cultural divides and to expand business operations around the world. 

Some Advantages of Language Proficiency Tests

It improves your chances to study or work overseas

Do you dream of working or studying abroad? Are you driven by once-in-a-lifetime experiences, different cultures and traditions, and exploring the world? Having documented language proficiency will set you on the right path to get there.  

If you are looking to travel the world, you should know that most immigration applications have a language proficiency component. The applicant is required to demonstrate that they have a certain level of language competence in order for their application to be considered. For example, to get an immigration visa to Canada, the higher your level of French/English language proficiency, the better your chances are. Other countries, such as the U.S., require the TOFEL exam, while the UK requires the IELTS. 

Furthermore, in most non-English-speaking countries, you need a good command of the local language to be able to work there. Sometimes, it is a prerequisite to study at a foreign university or take up a profession in the ever-growing business world. If you are looking to study in Spain, you would need to do the SIELE, DELE exam.  

Language tests can be a fantastic asset to your profile if you want to study overseas. They can also improve your chances of getting accepted to foreign colleges as you will have demonstrated the knowledge and language skills to succeed within their curriculum. 

Finding that dream job

In today’s globalized economy, speaking a foreign language provides access to job prospects all around the world. It can help you find that dream job with an international organization or travel to the biggest cities in the world to work at an organization’s headquarters.  

Imagine if you were looking to work for a French organization or corporation that does business with Francophone countries. In such a scenario, your documented French-speaking skills can help distinguish your resume and put you ahead of other applicants. However, simply stating that you are fluent in French would not give your potential employer an objective idea of your true language skills. Language Proficiency scores would demonstrate how qualified you are to work in that language.  

Several job positions are available with language certifications, such as teacher, tour guide, interpreter, translator, customer support, analyst, content writer, and many more. And as the world becomes more connected, with the right skills, you can reach more exciting jobs than ever before. 

Further advance your career

Suppose you want to work as a multilingual support specialist. Then, strive for a higher-level score on your proficiency tests. Demonstrating your skill level puts you in a better position to bargain for a higher salary and to seek new opportunities.  

So, if you wish to advance in your career or enhance your professional credentials, consider taking an official test in your target language. It will give your CV that edge that you may have been missing.  

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