The Stress of Stress

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We have all been there. One more phone call or email seems like it might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. On edge, tired, and not looking forward to the day ahead. We’re human, and we deal with stress. Whether you are a certified interpreter, an interpreter in training, or the head of an organization that utilizes language services, you can relate. It is important for everyone to learn how to reduce stress, but it is particularly important in this industry, as miscommunication can lead to dire outcomes.

So we at Interpreter Education Online are giving you some ideas and resources to help you deal with your stress. Anxiety and stress is responsible for 70 million Americans’ lack of sleep, which can lead to diminish confidence and capability. Psychology Today offers five useful tips, the first being to remember that “this too shall pass”. Keeping that one phrase in mind can make a huge difference.

Another article from suggests that finding the cause of stress leads to easier stress management. If we can identify the source of the problem, more often than not, we can better manage the problem. We should look at our habits, our routines, and our basic mental outlook when trying to seek the source of stress.

We’ve probably all heard to simply “breathe” during a stressful situation, but did you know that breathing deeply can actually alter the state of your brain? WebMD shares ten tips for relieving stress and the number one activity they recommend is meditation, including deep breathing. It only takes a few minutes a day but can completely change your outlook.

One thing that will always cause stress in our lives is putting something off. That gnawing feeling of knowing there is something that has to be taken care of won’t go away until we do what we set out to. So if you have been putting off furthering your education, or testing your interpreters for language proficiency, don’t wait any longer! Take a course or proficiency test with Interpreter Education Online and join the conversation on our Facebook and LinkedIn Pages!