When our performance depends on it: Strategies & scripts for addressing interpreter mental fatigue

Presenter: Andrea Henry

Presenter: Andrea Henry

Andrea is a full-time interpreter and the principal investigator for grant-funded research on interpreter mental fatigue. She has been active in healthcare interpreting for 25 years. Andrea earned her B.A. in Spanish & International Studies with a minor in Ethnic Studies, and shortly after, began her career as a freelance interpreter in Portland, Oregon. Andrea was later promoted to full-time OPI interpreting at Pacific Interpreters’ headquarters. With her relocation to Atlanta, she embarked on six years of management, developing interpreter services departments for two healthcare systems. Andrea has received over 175 hours of interpreter education and has attended 30+ conferences. She is a volunteer member of the NCIHC Home for Trainers webinar workgroup and was recently named a CCHI commissioner. Andrea regularly presents on advanced practice strategies for healthcare interpreters, as well as research on a tool that measures mental fatigue.

While interpreters are aware of the potential for diminished accuracy when we become mentally fatigued, we do not have control over our environment. Or we think we don’t. Ms. Henry will provide valid arguments for interpreters to exercise more agency and effectively advocate for optimal working conditions. She will provide specific techniques and corresponding scripts for both interpreters and managers in our efforts to control the quality of our performance. Ms. Henry will argue that the use of scripts has the effect of indirectly persuading others to advocate for our optimal performance, as well. This webinar is a resource for interpreters, trainers, and administrators.

CEUs: 1 CEU with CCHI, 1 with DSHS, 0.1 with RID, and 0.1 IMIA CEUs (Registry ID 21-1187 / Expiration Date 11/10/2023). Court interpreting CEUs in CA, CO, MD, MI, NM, OR and WA.*

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