Computer-Assisted Translation Tools

Do you know the difference between computer-aided translation (CAT) and machine translation? Do you know what CAT tools are useful for apart from repetitive translations? What is Translation Memory (TM)? How is one CAT tool different from another? Are CAT tools useful only for agencies, or individual translators as well?
This course answers all your questions and allows you an extensive look into what CAT tools are and what they are not.

Length of access: 1 month

Feedback from translators who took this course

"I found the CAT Tools course to be highly beneficial, as it provided the answers to common questions that users may have for this translation approach. I enjoyed how the course is presented in a way that allows those new in this field to feel confident in identifying and understanding the macrostructure of a CAT Tool interface, how CAT Tools work, helping linguists apply their knowledge to use any form of CAT Tool."
Elena O'Halloran
Spanish translator