Navigating Language Industry Evolution

LEO's 9th International Virtual Conference


Thursday, June 20

11:00-11:05 EDT

Opening Remarks

Speakers: Jinny Bromberg, LEO’s Executive Director, Elena Polonsky, LEO’s Marketing Director

11:05-12:25 EDT

What the Future Holds

Our industry is going through significant disruptions that can result in a variety of outcomes. What is next and how to be ready for it – this is always the main theme of this panel. This time we will focus on the impact of globalization and AI, the changing needs of students and educators, the demands of a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, and the increasing demand for language services.

Panelists: Giovanna Carriero-Contreras, Chair of AAITE, Renato Beninatto, Co-Founder of Nimdzi, Natalya Mytareva, Director of CCHI

12:25-12:30 EDT


12:30-13:30 EDT

Do they Trust Me? – Customer Service for Interpreters

Explore the ethical principles fundamental to interpreters across healthcare, education and judicial settings. Discover the subtle yet impactful adjustments interpreters can make in their professional interactions to foster trust and build strong rapport with colleagues and clients. Trust stands at the heart of professionalism, and the choice of words during appointment scheduling and expectations management critically shapes the level of trust and likeability interpreters earn. Additionally, delve into how the promptness of responses and methods of accepting appointments can significantly enhance client and stakeholder relationships, influencing perceptions and interactions with interpreters. Join us to master these nuances and elevate your professional practice. 

Presenter: Dale Lundstrom, Certified Healthcare Interpreter and Interpreter Trainer

13:30-13:50 EDT


13:50-14:50 EDT

AI & Algorithms – What’s in Your Present and Future?

In this era of rapid technological advancement, most people have at least heard of AI. We’ve heard concerns about automation destroying jobs, or fears of a future dominated by robots. While these topics might seem more akin to science fiction than realistic forecasts of AI’s future, they maintain a high level of interest in artificial intelligence for both future planning and current innovation. In our session, we will delve deeper into AI and its underlying algorithms. We’ll explore current developments, relevant legal issues, and both the short and long-term prospects for the continued use of AI.

Presenter: Bruce Adelson, Esq., Federal Compliance Expert

14:50-15:00 EDT


15:00-16:00 EDT

Understanding what “understanding” means for your LEP clients

Language is akin to walking or breathing. We often take it for granted because it’s an action we perform without conscious thought. We walk, we breathe, we talk, assuming each step will follow the other and that words will flow from our mouths, making sense to those listening. We also expect listeners to grasp our intended message accurately. Yet, the ability to articulate thoughts that resonate with another person involves a complex cognitive process, engaging numerous neurons and synapses in our brains even in simple conversations. This complexity escalates significantly in the realm of interpreting.

When we advocate for the rights of Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals to “understand,” what exactly are we emphasizing? What does “understanding” entail within the context of interpreting? This presentation will explore fundamental principles of meaning and communication and how these principles are applied in the interpreting profession across various sectors, including healthcare, legal, and education. By the end of this session, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of what “understanding” signifies for LEP individuals and learn how to enhance their interpreting skills effectively.

Presenter: Janis Palma, Certified Court Interpreter, former NAJIT President

16:00-17:00 EDT

Tech-Savvy Freelancing panel

As AI and automation continue to reshape industries, many freelancers are understandably concerned about the future of their work. But are these fears justified? This panel will explore the impact of AI on the freelancing industry, separating fact from fiction and offering practical insights on what freelancers should consider to remain relevant and grow their business. 

Panelists: Katharine Allen, Language Services Industry Expert, Nora Diaz, Translator, Interpreter and AI Trainer, Caitilin Walsh, Certified Translator, Valeria Delmar, Certified Translator and Simultaneous Interpreter

Friday, June 21

11:00-11:05 EDT

Opening Remarks

Speaker: Jinny Bromberg, LEO’s Executive Director

11:05-12:35 EDT

Legal panel
As we predicted at LEO8, new developments are arriving like clockwork in 2024. This includes regulations, initiatives, court cases, and more, amidst the backdrop of AI becoming increasingly integral to our working and personal lives. Our legal panel will discuss 2024’s key developments, including new regulations under Section 1557, and the growing impact of AI in our industry. Get essential insights into the latest regulations and court cases shaping our professional and personal worlds.

Panelists: Bruce Adelson, Esq., Federal Compliance Expert, Carla Fogaren, National Consultant on Equity and Language Access in Health Care

12:35-12:40 EDT


12:40-13:40 EDT

Machine Translation Post-Editing – Facts, not Fiction

Neural machine translation and large language models have purportedly achieved human “parity” in translation, leading to an increase in texts being machine-translated and then post-edited (MTPE) as a cost-cutting measure. However, not every text is suitable for MTPE, and not all remuneration models are logical. This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of MTPE and its best practices. You will leave it with a better understanding of what to expect from an MTPE project, when MTPE can lead to good results, and when it is preferable to rely on traditional human translation.

Presenter: Carola Berger, PHD and Certified Translator

13:40-14:00 EDT


14:00-15:00 EDT

The Business Side of HIPAA: What Independent Contractors Need to Know

This is not a HIPAA basics class for beginners. This class specifically focuses on the business aspects of HIPAA and covers updates to penalties, the minimum necessary rule, the use of SMS or IM, cookies, business associate agreements, employers as covered entities, and safeguarding technologies.

Presenter: Gustavo Negreteformer Chair of NBCMI, language access advocate

15:00-16:00 EDT

The Next Frontier: Trained Interpreters in the Field of Education

The field of education urgently requires skilled interpreters due to the complex and diverse nature of its meetings and types of encounters. This workshop offers an introduction to interpreting in education, covering the various meeting types you may encounter, the necessary training for these assignments, and more. Join us to gain valuable insights into the importance of trained interpreters in educational settings, learn specific skills and techniques required for interpreting in these settings, and explore real-life scenarios. Come take part in an introduction to the world of interpreting in K-12 public education!

Presenter: Mireya Perez, Certified Interpreter with nearly a decade of experience in a K-12 public education school district

16:00-17:00 EDT

Integrating Generative AI into Your Workflow

This presentation will explain why generative AI is ushering in a new paradigm for the linguist’s workflow and how you can start making use of it today for higher efficiency, quality, creativity, and accuracy.

Presenter: Steven Bammel, Korean-to-English technical translator and the President of Korean Consulting & Translation Service.

17:00-17:05 EDT


17:05-18:05 EDT

Breakout Rooms

Space in each room is limited to 25 attendees. To join one of the networking rooms, send the request, specifying the room you’d like to join and any questions you might already have for the room’s expert host. Conference registration and advance breakout room registration are required to join this exclusive opportunity. 
Room 1, hosted by Scott Mirsky, Attorney 
Room 2, hosted by Bruce Adelson, Federal Compliance Expert 
Room 3, hosted by Bill Rivers, SafeAI expert and language access advocate
Room 4, hosted by Jorge Mejia, Certified Healthcare Interpreter and Interpreter Services Supervisor


ATA: 10 CEPs (category A, live event only)

RID: 0.8

Healthcare interpreting: 8 CCHI CEUs, 5 general credits with DSHS, and 0.575 IMIA/NBCMI CEUs.

Court interpreting: 8 CEUs in AZ, MD, MI, NE, NM, NC, OK, OR, KY; 8.65 CIMCE; 11 CEUs in CO; 3.5 CEUs in MO; 10.5 general CEUs in WA; 8 CEUs in WI.

Others, including FL, are pending. 

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