LEO’s 15th Anniversary: Voices and Reflections

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Words from Language Industry Experts

“Congratulations to Linguist Education Online on reaching the milestone of 15 years of support to the language community! Since 2020, I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several of your online conferences, both as a speaker and a learner. Each event is always meticulously organized and brings together engaging presenters to address a variety of relevant topics to our professional activities.

Joining LEO online events has significantly contributed to my professional development and allowed me to give back to the community by sharing my own experiences with others. May LEO continue to thrive and support language professionals in their growth for many more years to come!”

Rafa Lombardino, Certified Translator

“I have immense admiration and respect for Jinny Bromberg and her leadership team at LEO. They are a savvy, insightful, and fully engaged team of professionals who clearly have their finger on the pulse of this industry. Our partnership over the years has been nothing short of innovative, productive, and satisfying. To wit, we have collaborated together to pull off several “firsts” in the industry.

Thanks to the LEO team, the attendees at LEO’s 4th international conference were the first to hear groundbreaking findings of the much-anticipated final phase of research at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University. I can’t thank LEO enough for that chance to showcase our fully validated measurement tool that assesses interpreter mental fatigue and cognitive effort as a component of workload. We again partnered together on another novel initiative—A webinar on strategies to improve interpreter performance and reduce mental fatigue in the interpreted encounter. I can’t thank LEO enough for believing in me and the potential to make an impact with that innovative and practical content.

Lastly, our partnership yielded an additional and truly unusual opportunity to share new content for the attendees at LEO’s 6th international conference. At that conference, I gave my first-ever presentation on “simulsecutive” and simultaneous interpreting in healthcare and educational settings. That was both a meaningful opportunity for attendees and a pivotal moment in my career. I can’t thank LEO enough for their exceptional know-how and indefatigable efforts to keep advancing the proverbial ball in the language services industry.

As you celebrate this significant anniversary, may you look back with pride on all that has been accomplished and look forward with excitement and optimism to the future. Here’s to many more years of growth, success, and making a difference!”

Andrea R. Henry, CHI-Spanish, practicing interpreter & researcher in the healthcare interpreting field

“I would like to express how inspiring it is to be a part of LEO and its online conference platform. LEO has truly established itself as a beacon of information gathering, bringing together some of the best talent in this industry. I hope to see it continue to thrive and expand as a leader in making the profession of linguist visible across all borders and within other organizations. Keep up the fantastic work!”

Jorge Mejia, CHI, Interpreter Services Supervisor, Medical Interpreter Trainer

Message from our Executive Director

The Team

Celebrate with us at LEO’s 9th International Virtual Conference in June! 

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