The Bottom Line – Hiring Interpreters

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The demand for Interpreters in the medical and legal fields is on a massive rise. It is predicted that in some areas of the US, we will see a nearly 50% increase in the need for interpreters. As the need for interpreters grows, so does the education, awareness, and qualification process. Colleges are offering interpretation as a major; interpreter training seminars are available online and locally in many places; and technology is enhancing every day to ensure the language needs of this century are met.

So with this increase, what is the bottom line for hiring interpreters? While in the vast majority of states the medical and legal fields do not currently require certification for hiring, it seems that they might in the near future. Miscommunication in a legal or medical encounter can lead to lives lost, people wrongly imprisoned, and unlawful deportation. With such critical circumstances, each organization needs to take the utmost care in hiring the best interpreters they can; hence the growing demand for certification.

Certification is the best way to ensure the quality of interpreters any organization hires is tested rigorously and approved. So why are so many interpreters and companies hesitant to go after the certification? Lack of requirement is one reason that holds people back from making the commitment. Cost, length of training, and fear of not achieving, are other reasons. These are the same reasons many people do not go into the rewarding careers that could change the world; astronauts, doctors, scientists. At the end of the day, the time, money, and energy spent to achieve a worthy goal are merely necessary steps on the ladder of success.

If you’re an interpreter or an organization that works with interpreters, start getting ready for the certification exams now! There is no time like the present. It will only help ensure better and safer communication in the future. Not sure where to start? Let Interpreter Education Online help you with Interpreter Assessment Testing, Language Proficiency Testing, Prep Courses for certification exams and more. Visit our website, and please share your thoughts with us on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages!