CHI Performance Exam Dates

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If you missed the window for the CHI performance exam in July and August, the next window spans from October 20th to November 8th (9 weeks away). IEO’s 12-Week Preparatory Course* not only fulfills and exceeds the required 40 hours of training prior to the exam, but also provides you with the tools necessary to pass, including language-specific interpretation exercises in each of the three modes evaluated by an instructor. Our course is accredited by CCHI and is currently listed on CCHI’s list of prerequisite training programs.

To find out more about the CHI exam, such as where you can take it, click here.

To learn more about our 12-Week CCHI Preparatory course, click here.

*”12-Week” refers to the duration of course access, not necessarily the amount of time required to complete the course.

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