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cideo remote interpretingCoronavirus or COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind nowadays. For some it still is only the news you read and watch, however, it is a painful reality. With our remote team-member’s uncle dying last week of coronavirus, the pandemic hits close to home. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and everyone directly affected by COVID-19. 

Scientists recommend washing hands and staying home unless absolutely necessary to prevent the spread and stop the virus. In China, when students and teachers recently returned to class, they did so remotely. 

Interpreter Education Online stays committed to our students, instructors and associates, working diligently and extra hours to assist your education and career needs.  The demand for remote interpreting is growing exponentially amid the uncertainty of the situation. 

We recognize that the onsite interpreting already is and will continue to be significantly impacted in the coming weeks. To help our students shift their careers, as well as to protect their safety, we decided to temporarily waive the cost of $229 for our Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) course. Starting from today and until June 1, you will get free access to the course Working as a VRI Interpreter after purchasing any other interpreting course.

The following expert webinars on VRI and their CEUs are completely free and available for everyone for a limited time:

Video Remote Interpreting: Pros and Cons by Dr. Elena Rivera-Patton 

Let’s get everyone on VRI! Or, as one of our course administrators and the biggest introvert used to say, let’s unite separately in our own homes.

In all seriousness, stay healthy and safe. We are here for you. 

These offers expire on June 1, 2020

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