What Does Accreditation Mean to You?

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What does accreditation mean to an interpreter education program? Interpreters must spend a lot of time, energy, and money in order to become certified. Certification allows for more job opportunities and life experience. If certification can be such a game changer for interpreters, shouldn’t educational systems strive for the same goal? In our opinion, being accredited by Certification organizations means something great. It means we can ensure that our services are indeed helping interpreters gain and retain their certification. Being able to provide Interpreters with accredited training allows the educational organization to offer more than just training. It means we can offer a few small things that every working person needs: peace of mind, confidence, and the feeling of accomplishment.
Did you know that out of all the training organizations for interpreters, only four are accredited by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters? Interpreter Education Online is thrilled to be one of those organizations.
In this era, people of all cultures and languages reside in the same places. At some point or another, everyone needs medical attention. Ensuring that we do our part to help bridge the gap between language barriers in healthcare settings is one of the main reasons we became accredited and strive to always be. This article is not about boasting, it is an encouragement to every training organization to do the tough work that gets the accreditation. Because, like the professionals who utilize our services, we also enjoy: peace of mind, confidence, and the feeling of accomplishment. Don’t you?

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