What is Your Brand?

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Business practices are constantly changing with the times to ensure success, and branding is one of the most important components of a consistently successful business. The times may change, but the brand most likely will not. Why? People are paying for the brand more often than they are paying for the product. So what is your brand? What does it say about your company? How can you improve it? And why is it called branding, anyway?

Most people are familiar with the origin of the term, but for anyone who isn’t, here is a rundown: Originally, branding was a technique used by animal owners to make sure there was no confusion over propriety. The word brand actually comes from the Old Norse term for “burn”. Now branding has become the overall compass of a business, in a less literal way, it is still used in order to ensure propriety is intact.

As an educational organization, we like to not only provide insight and discussion topics, but we like to take the extra step and create a one-stop-shop on information regarding the subject matter. That is part of our brand. Your brand defines your business. It starts with a sharp, precise logo. It continues with a promise to your consumers and employees. It is a reflection on you, your practices, and your products.

Over the years, branding has become more and more important, as the business world leans more and more towards social media and online networking for product sales and exposure. With so many businesses emerging daily, it is imperative to have a definitive brand. Is your brand a household name yet? Can your logo be recognized on a billboard from a mile away? Is your brand in sync with your mission statement and core values?

This weekend, take a moment to look at your brand versus some of your competitors’. How does yours compare? Check out Interpreter Education Online’s website to learn more about our brand, to enroll in a training course, or to post to our LinkedIn and Facebook pages!