The Value of Webinars

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webinars online languageIt’s no secret that webinars have been a growing trend in every industry for a while now. Attending a live seminar or conference is obviously beneficial, as is taking an online training course. But a webinar speaks to the heart of our fast-paced and steadily increasing business world’s main need: “get it done now, and move on to the next task.”

A webinar allows you to learn a great deal about a specialized topic while at the comfort of your desk or home computer. It cuts down on travel time and still allows you to participate via live chats and the live broadcast. It takes an hour or two out of your day compared to half a day or even a full day.

The benefits are not just ease of access and comfort, either. A study shows that webinars in the professional community are 87% as effective or more effective than in person or online learning. In addition, 76% of trainers use the same materials in their webinars that they do for online or in person training.

Interpreter Education Online is happy to join the trend. Kicking off May 3rd is our first webinar, hosted by renowned CEO and interpreter Jinny Bromberg. It deals with Vicarious Trauma, the emotional residue of exposure to various traumatic situations that many professions, including interpreters may carry with them. Accredited by CCHI for CEUs, this webinar is only $30 and lasts for one hour.

On May 24th, hugely successful federal consultant and advocate Bruce Adelson takes on our second webinar, covering HIPAA for interpreters. This webinar is $45 and lasts for one hour, also accredited by CCHI.

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