Demystifying Patient Safety to All in Healthcare

Presenter: Dr. Izabel Souza, M.Ed., CMI-Spanish, PhD.

Presenter: Dr. Izabel Souza, M.Ed., CMI-Spanish, PhD.

Dr. Souza works as a certified interpreter (conference, legal, medical, community) and interpreter educator in several universities. She served as President of IMIA and was responsible for launching the first national accredited medical interpreter certification program in the United States. She also served as Secretary General for the International Federation of Translators, and continues her work as ISO liaison to the FIT Standards Committee and as an ISO and ASTM Standards Expert in interpreting and translation standards.

Patient safety is a fundamental principle of healthcare and a major global concern. According to a new study by John Hopkins Medicine, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, causing 250,000 deaths per year. This workshop describes the components, typology, and classification of medical errors, as well as benefits and most common efforts to curb patient harm or injuries. We cover the cost and myths related to medical errors, and include major findings from the World Health Organization, the National Patient Safety Foundation, and The Joint Commission. 
Learning objectives:
1. Understand the basic facts and dispel myths about patient safety
2. Know Patient Safety Goals
3. Review the interpreter standards of practice that relate to patient safety
CEUs: 1 CE with CCHI, 0.1 RID CEU, and 0.1 IMIA/NBCMI CEU (Education Registry ID 19-1087, expires on 7/1/2024).*

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