The New Health Epidemic

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pandemic and healthYou won’t hear about this on the news. You aren’t likely to encounter it on social media either. The epidemic sweeping the nation isn’t a new virus, or a rare re-surfacing of an old one. It is, quite simply, stress. That’s right, The World Health Organization has deemed stress the “health epidemic of the 21st century.” While work-life balance has always been a struggle, it has become increasingly necessary and yet nearly impossible to accomplish. The introduction and progression of technology and supply-demand keep professionals engaged in their work 24/7, leaving little room for balance. And it’s not only individuals who are suffering from this epidemic. Businesses are spending countless amounts of money to try to alleviate stress in the workplace.

It may seem like stress is just an inevitable part of life, and maybe not that serious. But the cost of managing stress and its symptoms is more than the treatment of cancer, smoking, diabetes and heart disease combined.  It is a one trillion dollar health epidemic. A little more serious than we thought! Doctor Andrea Purcell explains that stress causes a scientific hormone imbalance, which can lead to any number of symptoms and illnesses. Addictive behavior, depression, obesity, insomnia, allergies, skin disorders – to name a few – can all be brought on by stress.

So what can you do? Those memes you see online about taking it a day at a time, living a life of gratitude, and shifting your perspective are all correct. Stress is managed by changing habits, taking time for oneself, and understanding your needs. It sounds like a simple solution, but it is challenging to add time for meditation, exercise, or any other activity/mindset that could help relieve the damages of stress.

Challenging, but not impossible. Do yourself a favor, and take a moment out of every day to check in with your stress levels. Address problems as they come up, and pay attention to the world around you. Disengage from your phone for a while. Learn something new, and expand your horizons. Interpreter Education Online is a great way to give you a mental shift and put your focus on furthering your education or easing the difficulty of training a bilingual staff. Let us work for you! Join the conversation on LinkedIn and Facebook today!

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