Gender-neutral Communication

Using gender-inclusive language in Spanish translations

Presenter: Camila Rozzio

Camila has a dual education as a Music teacher and a Spanish<>English translator. She graduated from "Nueva Formación" Institute and specializes in audiovisual translation and Human Rights. Camila presented seminars on editorial translation and youth translation, and in May 2023 she was invited by the "Nueva Formación" Institute to teach a class on entering the job market as a translator. Currently, she is part of the teaching staff of Lebensprojekt, while also working as an independent subtitler and translator in Education, Fictional Content and Public Policies. Fun fact: Her love for languages has led her to start learning Dutch in 2021.

This webinar is designed to advance your understanding of key concepts related to gender equality in the Spanish language. In this dynamic session, we delve into a range of critical topics, from the fundamental distinctions between sex and gender to the intricacies of gender identity, expression, sexual orientation, and more. 

One of the central components of our webinar is equipping you with the practical skills to use inclusive pronouns and gender-inclusive language effectively in Spanish. These tools will empower you to make informed language choices that promote equity and inclusivity.

Furthermore, our session will introduce you to diverse strategies for implementing gender-inclusive language in your communication, whether spoken or written. You will gain the ability to discern whether texts exhibit gender-negativity, neutrality, sensitivity, positivity, or transformation. Language is a potent instrument of change, and as language practitioners, you can be instrumental in promoting a more equitable world.

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