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jobs in the language industryIt can be a very daunting idea – joining or re-joining the workforce.  Whether you are just leaving college and about to enter into the workforce for the first time, or you have been working for a long time but had to take a break because of having a baby, going back to school, or a myriad of other reasons, it is a challenge that could scare anyone.

There are many easy steps, tips, and advice blogs out there for just that purpose. There are also counselors, statistics, and professionals that specialize in the category. The good news for those entering the workforce for the first time is that colleges are better preparing students for a long term career, and large companies like Google are starting to hire people just out of college or even high school.  For those re-entering the workforce, experience and ability to self-assess are valuable assets to employers.

So how do you prepare and what can you tell yourself to best equip you for the task at hand?

Get to know the industry. So many sites exist online, like LinkedIn, Facebook, and more, in addition to the blog after blog, customer review, and online transparency of most companies today. Look at the company in depth, see who is competing for the job you’re going for, and truthfully take a look at your skills in comparison. Risk taking could be a bold statement to employers if you have the right attitude and passion for the job and the company.

It’s incredibly important to remember to be true to yourself. Just as companies are becoming more transparent thanks to online blogs and reviews, people are also pretty visible online now. What you do is documented in social media pictures, posts, and other things you may not even know about. Own who you are, own your mistakes, and look at them as opportunities.

The bottom line is that preparing yourself is the first step, and that starts with education and research. We at Interpreter Education Online can offer both if your field of choice is Interpretation or Translation. Even if not, we may be able to point you in the right direction! Join the conversation on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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